Be prepared, be practical, be stunning

Tina Medina

Wed October 30, 2013 2:06pm

There are days when leaving the house with a matching outfit and makeup is my biggest accomplishment.  My mornings include getting two kids ready for school, getting a third child ready for the sitter and then there’s me. 
Thanks to my husband, who is a true 50/50 partner, or else stumbling into the office before noon would be very challenging.  I’m proud to say that my kids have never been late to school. OK, there was that one time (maybe two) where we caught every red light on Olympic Parkway. Seriously, the light gods hate me sometimes. So when trying to come up with a fun fashionable topic this month it finally hit me on one of those crazy mornings where breakfast was last night’s leftovers and I couldn’t find my other shoe. 
What are the top five fashion must-haves for every working mom? Granted, the list might vary depending on the situation. I think, however, that this is a solid list. 
1. Black pants
Every mom should have at least three pairs of black pants. Yes, black goes with everything, but it also hides those oopsie stains that happen every day right as you’re about to walk out the door. 
2. An everything-fits-in-here-even-diapers-and-wipes purse, you know the one, right? 
Don’t be afraid to take everything with you every day.  You never know when you’re going to need a roll of scotch tape, a fork and a sippy cup (all found in my purse today). Just don’t forget to put essentials like a smaller purse for taking to meetings or events after work, a bottle of water and a good pen. You know, because someone will tell you as you’re in line to drop of the kiddos, “Hey mom! You forgot to sign my permission slip!”
3. Must-have-makeup bag (keep this inside #2)
The small bag should have at the very least a powder compact, good mascara, lip gloss and tweezers.
4. Jewelry and accessory organizer. No lie, I learned how to do this on Pinterest
Before Pinterest my jewelry drawer was a clump of chains I could never untie, broken rings and one earring from every pair I owned. One day I said “enough is enough!” and while the kids were occupied I took a box of hooks with screw backs and a utensil organizer (yes, the one for forks, spoons and knives) and my accessories have never been happier. 
5. Flats that live in your office
Ladies, I love my high heels and wedges as much as the next woman. Sometimes they don’t love me back.  My solution? I keep a pair of basic neutral flats under my desk at all times. Limping in to a meeting isn’t cute. My flats are. 
My days are crazy but these five things make the crazy a little more manageable. I encourage you to make a list of your own or use this one.  Save it, mod podge it to your closet door, take a picture with your “smart” phone and remember that YOU are fabulous.  See you at the mall!
Tina Medina is marketing manager at Otay Ranch Town Center.