Lips to love

TIna Medina

Thu February 6, 2014 1:21pm

Lips are so 2014.  Trend reports are telling us that lips will be the next big thing for 2014 so it’s time to step out and step up your lip color. These are some great new lip color trends for that special Valentine.
Fuchsia lips are bold, sexy and great with most skin tones. The 2014 Pantone color of the year is Radiant Orchid and would make for a beautiful lip color with a glossy finish. 
Orange lips made the runways pop for the spring 2014 shows. For those who like to have a little fun with their lip colors, this is the perfect trend for you. You can go with something a little more neon if you dare or a deeper orange for a classic look. 
Nude lip colors have been on trend for many seasons. They are understated which leaves lots of room for bold eye makeup. Nude lips can be done with lipstick, lipgloss or with a tinted lip balm.  Be careful though. There is a fine line between sexy nude lip color and looking like you forgot to dress the bottom half of your face. 
What would Valentine’s Day be without hot red lips? Red lips might be a trend that never expires.  Red lips can be both seductive and sweet. There are many shades of red so choose one that works well with your skin tone. 
To line or not to line? That is the question. Lip liner can be a great addition to your lip look. I find that especially when wearing red, highlighting the area with a lip liner will often give your lips the full look and very sharp edges needed to pull off such a bold color.  In the case of nudes I say skip the liner and go for a soft edge that blends into the rest of your face. 
Using two or three products can sometimes give you just the look you are searching for. Using a matte red lip color and finishing it with a clear lip balm or gloss will keep your lips from looking dry and cracked and reapplying the clear coat will make the color last longer. 
There are a number of products that fit each of these categories. As with all makeup, be sure you try on many different shades and products before making a decision. Michael Hart, director and makeup artist for Gila Rut Aveda Salon in Otay Ranch, says, “This season’s new (Aveda) makeup blends treasured beauty with a bold twist. Shimmery neutrals in lilac and peony and vibrant lips in melon and poppy tones are the hottest trends for spring 2014.” When choosing just the right color for Valentine’s Day, Michael says, “Poppy brightens lips in a lighter red-pop of color.”
This spring, embrace the love of lip color and show off that beautiful kisser of yours. Happy Valentine’s Day and I’ll see you at the mall.
Tina Medina is marketing manager at Otay Ranch Town Center.