Prom Jam

Tina Medina

Fri February 28, 2014 12:58pm

Tis the season for corsages and boutonnieres, up-dos and tuxedos.  Yes, Prom is upon us and with hundreds of high school seniors calling East Chula Vista home you can bet that this will be a busy season for the prom industry.  When I was in high school prom season was an exciting time.  Prom was the first time I had my hair done, went to dress fittings, wore more make-up than I ever would have been allowed to wear out of the house and had to endure the lesson that beauty sometimes comes in the form of painful shoes.  When I sat down to write this piece I asked “What would I say to my 18 year old self about the prom and especially about prom fashion?”
You will be looking at your prom picture for the rest of your life.  And with Instagram, Facebook and all the other forms of social photo feeds, many others will see these photos in a throwback Thursday twenty-something years from now.  No pressure.  Choose a timeless look.  That’s not to say don’t have fun with current trends.  Have a blast with current trends but really think twice about that wacky dress made of safety pins and duct tape. 
Comfort is key.  When you are trying on dresses make sure to bust some dance moves, sit down, lean over, strike a pose.  While going to prom will be one of your greatest high school memories, constantly adjusting your dress or not being able to get in and out of the car without ripping something will probably not be high on the amazing memory list.  Sure, you will look silly dancing in that three-way mirror in the dressing room, but you’ll thank me later.
Shop for jewelry after you pick your dress and decide on hairstyles.  This is a trifecta of fashion.  Hair, jewelry and dresses should be friends, not competitors.  The same goes for your makeup look. 
Take comfy shoes in your purse.  This means choose a clutch or a purse with enough room for a pair of flip flops or flats.  Ballet slippers work well too.  More often than not, a new pair of heels that match perfectly with your gown will not be comfortable by the end of dinner much less at the end of the night.  Slip on a pair of comfortable shoes and dance the night away.  
Whether you are going with your sweetheart, your bestie or in a group of friends, have fun at the prom.  Take it all in.  You will only be this young for a little while so enjoy every minute. 
Still have prom style questions?  Come to Prom Jam at Otay Ranch Town Center on April 12 from 1-4pm.  Get tips on fashion, makeup, hair and more.  Take fun photos in our photo booth and win cool prizes.  I’ll see you at the mall.
Tina Medina is marketing manager at Otay Ranch Town Center.

2014 Tips & Trends

This trend continues providing an elegant and flirty look. This style is versatile with a wide range of color and design options – from the little black dress to a full-length gown
The maxi-dress trend continues with flowing long dresses in light pink, peach and ivory. This classic and youthful style also allows for comfort and ease of movement. For a feminine vibe consider a monochromatic look in a soft color like a light blush. For a more dramatic look consider black and white with contrasting lace or fabric.
These add luxury and sultriness to the look, and an empire waist exudes femininity. A much anticipated trend for spring.
One of the biggest prom trends this season. Flattering, youthful and feminine. You’ll find this trend in a variety of spring colors with decorative embellishments.
You’ll make a statement for prom in this season’s cocktail dress – short, playful and a little retro. From simple to ornate there are many options to make this style your own. Consider a peplum layer to give you an hourglass shape.
Chandelier earrings, chunky necklaces, chokers
Dramatic or colorful eyes, cherry/bright lipstick
Curly, vintage, short hair, finger waves, up-do